Mathias Berchadsky (El Mati) was born into a family of artists and musicians where he was surrounded by music from an early age.

This early musical influence prompted him to pick up the guitar at age 12. Guitar appeared to be a natural choice for him and he spent the first ten years of his studies at CMCN where he received private lessons in jazz and blues guitar. Eventually, these lessons would lead him to study with some of the greatest jazz musicians of the day, such as Larry Corryel, John Scofield, Mike Stern, etc to name a few.. Additionally, at CMCN, he studied composition and arrangement with Bill Dobbins and upon completion of his studies he received his diploma with ”special honors” .

He then moved to Paris where he gravitated and experimented with Tango music of Argentina as well as gypsy jazz, Musette and other forms of music, popular and classical It was during this period where he slowly abandoned the electric guitar in favor of acoustic nylon string guitars which could produce more closely the sound that he sought. It was in 1998, when for the first time he was exposed to the flamenco music. The profound effect of that experience could only be measured by the fact that soon he was on his way to Spain. Upon arrival in Seville, he committed himself fully to the art of flamenco music and has never strayed from that passion to this day.

His formal flamenco training with Eduardo Rebollar, Nino de Pura, Paco and Miguel Angel Cortes and Miguel Ochando among others have led to a succession of journeys to Granada and Seville where Fundacion Chritina Heeren has awarded him their highest “diploma with distinction”. As a sought after accompanist of vocal and dance classes he has guided master classes along with some of the greatest names in flamenco music: La Farruca, Alejandro Granados, La Tremendita, Laura Vital, Inma Carbonera, Pastora Galvan, El Pipa…the list goes on.

In addition he makes regular appearances in concerts and recording sessions both in Europe and in America where he has performed extensively alongside Minino Garay, Bevinda Ferreire, Benoit Morel, Vernon Reid and other world music greats.

He has composed both for film and television as well as numerous flamenco companies in France, Canada and Spain. His studio recordings for movies include such films as: Joseph et la fille, le mac, une petite zone de turbulence…etc.

As a result of his robust teaching and performance career he makes regular appearances at music and educational centers such as CMDL and CNR of Orleans. In addition to teaching he continues to perform regularly with numerous formations all around the globe.